Short Stories

  • "Death's Ahead" - flash fiction in the zine, Sirens Call.
  • "Patient Zero" - short story, the 2nd part of the Chaos Halo series in the zine, Future Chronicles.
  • "Pumpkin Patch" - flash fiction in the zine, Sirens Call.
  • "Alpha Beta Gamma Kill" - short story introducing the Chaos Halo series in the zine, Future Chronicles.
  • "Seeing is Believing" - short story in the zine, Sirens Call.

Upcoming Publications

Flash Fiction to read

  • "Pieces of Cake" - unexpected guests turn up at a child's birthday party.
  • "Monice- a steampunk story.
  • "Red- a steampunk story.
  • "Claimed- a story in the Shadow Fabric mythos.
  • "The Donation" - a volunteer at a charity shop witnesses something odd.
  • "Pumpkin Patch" - a story about two sisters and their Halloween masks.
  • "Mother's Ideas" - a family has an unconventional approach to Halloween.

Short Stories to read

Work in Progress

  • "Disturbed" - Demon story in the Shadow Fabric mythos.
  • "Meeting Mum" - a story in the Shadow Fabric mythos.
  • "Salamandrine Fires" - Sci-Fi story.
  • "Hell's Vent" - Sci-Fi story.
  • "Dead Lines" - Paranormal story.
  • "The Hollow" - Steampunk story.
  • Further Chaos Halo stories, featuring Alpha Beta Gamma Kill for the Future Chronicles zine.

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