Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Rock and Metal Music... and the Horror Genre


How you doing? I hope all is well wherever you are on this bonkers planet.

I'm here to briefly talk about a common association between horror fiction and metal music. At least, personally for me.

At such an early age rock and metal have been the soundtrack to my life. Listening to my dad's LPs, particularly Black Sabbath, KISS, and so many more! As for horror fiction? Well, I'm an author submerged in the genre after tumbling into it headfirst. I'd nabbed a copy of James Herbert's Magic Cottage off dad's bookshelf.

So yeah, it's my dad's fault.

Off the back of my music tastes, I have a new book available. It's non-fiction: an 80's Rock and Metal Music Word Search book.

Also, hang on, I have a couple of fiction titles on offer for you... Keep reading...

Just because I like to share, I have a couple of eBooks on offer.

Only 77p / 99c


A novel of demons, devices, and deceit.


Three Sussex authors ... Twelve horror stories.

I'd love to hear about you and your reading and music preferences. Email me and let me know!

Take care of yourself, and my thanks as always.