Sunday, 27 December 2020

The end


My year


2020 has been a weird year, huh?

For me it's mostly been filled with what you see in those photos. And of course there were also plenty of beach walks with my wife! The biggest excitement though is that I've revisited my passion for making music - only this time I'm teaching myself music theory, rather than simply learning songs and jamming with friends.

Let's face it, this year has NOT been a time to hang out with our buddies.

As for my writing: I've had twelve stories published in various best-selling anthologies (sharing the pages with several of my literary heroes) and some tales were featured in a couple of ezines.

I even finished my novel, PARASITE CROP, which is currently in the hands of an editor of a massive publisher I admire. Incidentally, it's not just "on his desk" but he's confirmed he's actually reading it.

Also, I'm in talks with a different editor for a short story collection for release in the summer. So I hope the world doesn't turn into chaos and anarchy by then.

Finally, my cyberpunk horror novel (currently untitled) is in a first draft mess. But I'm handling it. Kind of. Thanks again to all who came back with their personal clinical trial stories. I made certain to reply to all of you, so be sure to check your spam folder if you didn't receive my response.

Anyway, I'm gonna shut up now...

Keep safe, my friends, and however your year has been, may next year be YOURS.


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