Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Please accept my apologies


Sorry to do this...

Yep, I'm shouting about Christmas when Halloween isn't even here.

Following on from the first in my chapbook range, Monster Double Feature, this next one contains three horrific tales. It  goes by the not-so-subtle title of Murder, Machinery & Snowflakes, and is a 70-page chapbook featuring a trio of festive terror:
While human population fast approaches eight billion, it’s up to Santa’s special branch to lessen his seasonal workload.
There’s a shop, selling unique gifts, whose proprietor has a horrifying secret or two he does not want shared.
Something out in the woods turns a family Christmas into a day of death and despair.
I'm already taking pre-orders for signed copies... And it's not even Christmas yet. Ha!
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Upcoming anthologies featuring my work


The Many Deaths of Edgar Allan Poe
feat. "The Space Between Spaces"

It Came from the Darkness
feat. "Tavern Whispers"

Corona-Nation Street
feat. "Don't Swear in Mum's House"

Trick and Treat
feat. "Pile of Dirt"

(Some of these anthologies feature a few "names" like Shaun Hutson and Tim Lebbon - and I'm proud to share pages with those guys!)

Author buddies with free books:

Remember, I'm taking pre-orders for signed copies of Murder, Machinery & Snowflakes if you want a piece of the chapbook action.

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Sunday, 4 October 2020

October Lands!


A Special Thanks

Since Monster Double Feature was released back in August it's received a whole bunch of great reviews. A big thanks to those who've bought it and reviewed it. We authors rely on reviews to get the word out there!

"... a straightforward, punchy read with well-rounded characterizations and genuine dread. The prose is sumptuous and the images are visual. Full marks from me."

"... Cassell executes such stories very well. His writing is clear, yet creative, and the stories themselves are at once both disturbing and absorbing. Without giving anything away, the first story, River of Nine Tails, is one of ritual, bloodshed, an awful cycle, and ultimately transformation. The second, Reanimation Channel, is a cyber horror piece whose unusual monster is just as brutal as it is original."
I still have several paperbacks left if you fancy a signed copy!

Other Stuff

Puscifer – "Apocalyptical"

I've been a fan of the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle since the turn of the century (damn, that makes me feel old), so anything Maynard James Keenan has a hand in I'm bound to love. During lockdown his other project Puscifer released an incredibly weird video. I'll say no more.

Watch Video >>

The Bride's Curse

Way back in my early days of writing (circa 2013) I attended a workshop run by Rayne Hall. She soon became my mentor and a good friend, and quite frankly without her wise words when I first stepped into this game I'd not be where I am today.

Rayne's latest book The Bride's Curse has landed on my kindle. Here's the blurb:

Bulgarian Gothic Ghost and Horror Stories - 13 creepy, suspenseful tales set in Bulgaria.

Welcome to Bulgaria, my adopted country in the south east of Europe, a land of snow-blanketed mountains and sun-baked plains, deep pine forests and fragrant rose plantations, studded with remnants of past eras – ancient Thracian and Roman, medieval, Ottoman and Communist.

Join me on a fictional journey to remote villages where you'll meet native Bulgarians, travellers and expatriates, demons and ghosts. I’ve blended my personal experiences with Bulgarian folklore and mythology, and let my imagination roam. All the events and characters are my inventions, yet they’re steeped in Bulgarian myth and reality.

The tales in this book belong to the ‘quiet’ horror category – more creepy than gory, rich in atmosphere and suspense. Instead of throwing you into a whirl of violent action, I’ll take you on a gentle visit to experience Bulgaria – the wealth of her nature, her economic poverty, her legends and traditions, her creepy abandoned homes and her timeless beauty – all from the safety of your armchair.

The stories are personal, arising from my perceptions and imagination. Still, I hope you’ll gain a ‘feel’ for the country. After each story, I’ll tell you a little about the genesis of that tale, the sources of my inspiration.

Bulgarian artist Savina Mantovska from Sofia has created beautiful illustrations, enriching each story with her vision.

Come and join me under the grape arbour while the sinking sun streaks the mountains with crimson and purple. Sip a blood-red pomegranate juice or a fiery rakia, and enjoy my creepy tales. 

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