Friday, 10 July 2020

Monsters & Edgar Allan Poe

Signing contracts and signing chapbooks.

Hey, how you doing? I hope life is becoming a little more normal for you. Whatever "normal" actually means these days ...
If you're interested in a signed copy of the Monster Double Feature chapbook, they're up for the tiny sum of £5 including postage (or £8.50 overseas). Get your name on the steadily-growing list, and a copy will land through your letterbox shortly after its release. Of course, a quick thanks to those who have so far pre-ordered the ebook!

To grab either version, head to
Another couple of books I'm excited about are two upcoming anthologies. First up, there's The Best of Indie Horror featuring my fast-paced grisly tale "On Set with North." And then there's The Many Deaths of Edgar Allan Poe which contains "The Space Between Spaces," a story that was fun to write given its olde worlde approach. It's a weird one where I've stretched the facts regarding Poe's untimely death (he was 40 years old), and the cause of which, as you may or may not be aware, remains a mystery to this day.

One last thing I need to trumpet about ... I'm humbled to share the Table of Contents in both anthologies with a couple of my literary heroes: Shaun Hutson and Tim Lebbon. Tell this kind of thing to me five years ago and I would never have believed you.

That's about all from me today.

As always, thanks for your time. And stay safe!


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