Tuesday, 30 June 2020

A Double Feature

#1 in the Chap Book range from Herbs House


Remember last week I mentioned something exciting approached? Here's a duo of abominations, Monster Double Feature, the first in a range of chap books:
A British traveller desperate to escape his past finds himself at the heart of a Vietnamese legend, and learns why the Mekong Delta is known as “River of Nine Tails.” And a regular parcel collection from a neighbour becomes a descent into terror through the online game, “Reanimation Channel.”
This chap book is up for pre-order on Amazon in ebook format, while the physical copy is currently at the proofing stage. So you'll soon have the chance to get your mitts on a signed copy.

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Thanks for your attention as always. And take care of yourself!


Sunday, 21 June 2020

Outside and Scribbling

It's kind of a quickie.

I've exciting news about upcoming releases, as well as short stories featured in anthologies and magazines (alongside some big names), but I'll leave those details to a later email.

Remember that notebook I made for myself and decided to share with the writing community? The Not Just a Notebook has proved incredibly popular and so I've now created another four different cover designs: www.markcassell.co.uk/for-writers/ . These are already proving to be a seller! Thanks to my fellow writers who've nabbed a copy.

And to my readers, you guys who're always there, next time you'll find out what the Hell I've been up to these past 13 weeks while my day job rusts on the driveway.

Be safe, people!


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