Wednesday, 17 October 2018

A Teaser for Halloween

It's almost upon us...

"... I knew how they’d died in the 17th century: one swinging from a tree, the branch creaking as she mocks those whom hold the rope; another smirks at a gloating township through hungry flames; one bleeds from countless wounds over every inch of her naked body, the fatal penetration of a blade as she spits a curse into the Witchfinder General’s determined glare; another, accepting the water into her lungs as she watches the light of day blur with the man who holds her below the surface; and the last, a curse uttered from scabbed lips as the moonlight reflects from a swinging blade the moment before it severs her neck.
Here they were, under a 21st-century moon, returned. Long-haired and gowned, yet their faceless heads glistened smooth in the moonlight. No features, with mottled and veiny flesh ..."
 - excerpt from one of ten stories in TERROR THREADS.

Released on the 3rd of November, this short story collection is currently still up for the discounted pre-order price. So be sure to grab it before those £$£$£$ go up (find it here: Terror Threads).

As always, BIG thanks to all you guys!


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