Sunday, 19 August 2018

A cake, a car crash, and a pre-order discount for you guys

"Is this a test? It has to be, otherwise I can't go on..." - The PatientTool.

22 years and it finally happened.

I'm not talking about being a human birthday cake in a horror movie, I'm talking of writing my car off. Usually I write fiction (you guys know that, that's why you're here) but writing a car off is a spanking new experience for me.


So there I am in Matt Shaw's MONSTER, where I play the role of a drugged victim to a deranged family. Last month I saw myself on the big screen at the London premiere, which was a surreal experience in itself. It reminded me of the week on location, and how I spent hours laying on a table, groaning and dribbling...


Oh, and the car accident? I'm okay, although my car is not. (My shiny No Claims Bonus has not been dented).

You want to know about that DISCOUNT I mentioned, right?

TERROR THREADS - a collection of ten standalone tales in the best-selling Shadow Fabric Mythos. Available at the discounted pre-order price of only 99p/99c exclusive to Kindle. Grab it at Amazon UKAmazon US, or head over to

The paperback version will be with us in November 2018.

Each story of ghosts, of demons, of the occult, weaves the mythos tighter and proves we all have the ability to see in the dark. Both an introduction to the Shadow Fabric and a companion book, this collection of horror stories contains the following:

"Dust Devils"
- When a driving instructor's pupil fails to turn up for a lesson, he doesn't just drive off. He investigates ... things.

"A Story of Amber"
- Two brothers and a grandfather's secret. This is a story that begins in childhood and ends in adulthood.

- In Yellowstone Country Park things are black.

"The Rebirth"
- A primary school teacher's lesson fails to go to plan when a peculiar Easter egg lands in her possession.

"Dead Lines"
- An artist learns she is not the only one holding the brush.

"Pile of Dirt"
- After a serious accident, all you want to do is relax in your garden. But the mysterious pile of dirt that has appeared on your lawn bugs the hell out of you.

"The Commission"
- A photographer's commission proves to be a pain in the neck.

"Diagonal Dead"
- It's a shame the dead can't stay dead, especially those who are discovered in a wall cavity.

"Demon Alcohol"
- Staying at a bed and breakfast in a quaint harbour town, Tammy is not in the mood for uninvited guests. Especially when she's hungover and the guests are demons.

"A Sunset Companion"
- The low October sun can cause road accidents by blinding drivers ... but perhaps there are other causes in the surrounding woodland.

Available at the discounted pre-order price of only 99p/99c exclusive to Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Most featured stories have been previously published in anthologies.

What the reviewers say

Dust Devils (first published in Tales from the Lake Vol.4 (Crystal Lake Publishing, 2017)

"When a driving instructor went to pick up his last learner, he did not expect to get involved in a mystical monster attack. Having read other work by this author I was not disappointed with the story. An ancient monster, a deranged man and bloody death scenes, all things that I love..." - Amazon reviewer

A Story of Amber (first published in Collected Halloween Horror Shorts (KJK Publications, 2017):

"Brothers Chuck and Dillion were farm kids who experienced an unexplainable freakish event in their fields one Halloween. They are all grown up now and have unfortunately drifted apart. You've heard of gemstones having healing properties, well, what if the opposite was true... Oh that antagonistic Amber, a beauty to be wary of as it unifies and evades.

So damn unique, I had NO idea what was going on here I just knew that I was digging it.

Mark is a very highly regarded indie author with quite a few highly regarded works out there. I have only read two short stories of his, so far, but I can totally see why. His writing is like alternate (yet not bizarro) dimension kind of stuff, multi-layered with precise attention to detail. I really need to check out more from him. His Shadow Fabric Mythos series is....yep, you guessed it, very highly regarded." - Goodreads review

The Rebirth (first published in Collected Easter Horror Shorts (KJK Publications, 2017):

"A wooden egg and a nasty surprise. I like how throughout you are following Kelly as she tries to rescue one of her students. The descriptive style makes you feel as you are walking Kelly's steps. Whilst this is not graphic it has that creepy feel to it and will make your imagination work overtime." - Amazon reviewer

Available at the discounted pre-order price of only 99p/99c exclusive to Amazon UK and Amazon US, or head over to