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The Shadow Fabric - available from Amazon

What the reviewers are saying:

"Terrifying. Intense. Brilliant..."

"The Shadow Fabric managed to sate my appetite for intrigue, while stuffing me full of terror..."

"Grabbed me from the get go..."

"This work was a pleasure to read, a great story and very well written..."

"The sheer evilness of the Shadow Fabric and the mechanism that it grew in power was down right scary..."


Leo remembers little of his past. Desperate for a new life, he snatches up the first job to come along. On his second day, he witnesses a murder, and the Shadow Fabric – a malevolent force that controls the darkness – takes the body and vanishes with it.
Determined to get answers, Leo has no idea where to turn. Revelations come in the most unlikely places, and secrets of witchcraft and ancient artefacts unfold. In particular, a device used in the 17th century to extract evil from witches proves key to his discoveries. With these truths long hidden from humankind, his memory unravels. Not only haunted by the past, a sinister presence within the darkness threatens Leo’s existence and he soon doubts everything and everyone...including himself.
The relentless and destructive power of the Shadow Fabric compels Leo to fight not only this growing darkness, but also the entity beneath the Fabric’s surface. While these supernatural horrors rage and his world crumbles, Leo must confront his past before he can embrace his future. But the future may not exist.

Bringing witchcraft and demon fiction into the 21st century

THE SHADOW FABRIC is a British horror novel revealing the unknown history of the witch, the paranormal, and demons. With a slice of occult horror and an insight into the true cause of the Great Fire of London, the story opens up history and spreads it raw.

A supernatural horror novel

THE SHADOW FABRIC (Herbs House 2014) by Mark Cassell – British horror at its finest, building a new platform in occult horror novels, demon fiction, and dark fantasy. A spine-chiller to the end.
"A clever, intelligent novel that takes well-worn themes and works them brilliantly into an original, thought-provoking story." – reviewer.
"We are drawn into its depth by fascinating characters and secrets that want solving. At the end I didn't even dare blinking.." – reviewer.

Mark Cassell – the new voice in dark fantasy

The Shadow Fabric is an unconventional dark fantasy novel playing with the traditions of today’s occult and zombie fiction – horror without the Devil, and without actual zombies.
This is a modern-day tale of the 17th century witch, the paranormal, and the demon. A spine-chiller of sins, shadows, and the reanimated dead. It has been referred to as a zombie novel without zombies. It features the walking dead but not in the conventional way, and to truly understand would be to unravel the Fabric…
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About the Author

Mark Cassell lives in a rural part of the UK with his wife and a number of animals. He often dreams of dystopian futures, peculiar creatures, and flitting shadows. Primarily a horror writer, his steampunk, fantasy, and SF stories have featured in several anthologies and ezines.   The Shadow Fabric is his debut novel, and a few shorter tales based within its threads are already out there.

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