Sunday, 21 September 2014

You'll Die Laughing - Trading Cards from 1959

Back in 1959, Topps released a set of monster trading cards, illustrated by the EC horror comics/MAD magazine artist Jack Davis. The set was called, “You’ll Die Laughing.”

These trading card images are fun. They made me smile, so I thought I'd share them.

My novel, The Shadow Fabric, doesn't feature any snappy one-liners, nor does it include these kind of ghouls...yet still it belongs in the same category: horror. My debut novel is a supernatural tale of sins, shadows, and the reanimated dead. It's a story churning up an unknown history in witchcraft and the true cause of the Great Fire of London.​

The word 'reanimatedsurely means zombies! I hear you say.

Not quite, the reanimated dead are much, much different and The Shadow Fabric proves how. Indeed, the Fabric proves why...


The Shadow Fabric is available on Kindle pre-order,
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Author photo (c)Christopher Shoebridge
Mark Cassell lives in a rural part of the UK with his wife and a number of animals. He often dreams of dystopian futures, peculiar creatures, and flitting shadows. Primarily a horror writer, his steampunk, fantasy, and SF stories have featured in several anthologies and ezines.

His debut novel, The Shadow Fabric, is a supernatural story and is available from Amazon.

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