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How Can I Spot Reduce Body Fat?

Not too long ago it was common knowledge of the impossibility to spot reduce fat, unless we had liposuction. Instead, we had to work hard in the gym, run regular marathons and eat like a rabbit to lose the extra rolls. And even then it wouldn’t come off in the right places. With revolutionary laser lipolysis technology, that's no longer the case.

You can now have this treatment in your lunch break. Helen Therapies in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, are one of the first to use the new Luscious Laser Lipo machine which is 30% more effective than any other currently on the market. 

Best of all, it’s instant, permanent and entirely painless.

After one treatment

What is laser lipolysis?

Laser lipolysis or laser lipo (sometimes referred to as liposculpture) is a new, safe treatment to reduce your body’s fat. It is non-invasive, using no needles or any injections, and so without any surgical procedure. There’s no recovery time, and most importantly there is absolutely no health risk.

Per session, on average, you can expect to lose something between one and ten centimetres. Before I say more, let me explain the measuring: if you were to have your mid-section lasered, one measurement is taken above the belly-button, one is over, and the other is under.

I know this because I had it done the other day. Although I'm a regular gym-goer, being in my mid-thirties I have (or indeed, had) a little stomach fat not to be proud of. On my first session I lost a total of 8cm, on my second I lost the same again. Already my modest love-handles have vanished and my abs are more defined. I'm scheduled for another session next week. Yeah, it’s cheating, but the skeptic in me needed proving wrong. And he was (I haven't been this skinny since I was at school, 20 years ago).

Like the idiot I am, I unfortunately haven’t got any before or after pictures, so Helen Therapies have been kind enough to allow me use of theirs. The photo below is one case study after two treatments.

How does the Luscious Laser Lipo machine work?

By emitting low levels of energy, the laser penetrates down to the fat layer beneath the skin. This creates tiny pores in the cells where water, glycerol and free-fatty acids spill out. The fat cell then shrinks, and the lymphatic system removes the fatty liquids through the body’s natural metabolic function (when you go to the loo).

All importantly, the procedure is 100% safe. Nor are there any side effects or damage to skin, blood vessels and nerves. Also, as I’ve said earlier, it’s permanent. That is providing you're happy to undertake regular exercise, and also enjoy a healthy and balanced diet.

It’s not only your stomach that can be targeted: also your hips, thighs, upper and lower back, arms, double-chins, ankles, and male breasts. As well, it can be used to reduce cellulite, stretch-marks and pre/post liposuction contouring. It can, as in my case, be used for sculpting and muscle definition. This thing is incredible.

Helen Therapies
Helen Therapies in Tunbridge Wells

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